Partridge Shooting

Partridge Shooting

Shooting Season

Our Season run from October 1st to February 28th. During this time we offer to our clients a memorable shooting days with a beautiful scenery, excellent lunches, superb wine list and luxurious accommodation.

Our Partridges

Our commitment is to make the highest quality partridges. To achieve this we have a team taking care of our partriges 365 days per year. Along our estates we have over 1000 drinkers and feeders to ensure it.

Our Shoots

With over 2000 hectares, we guarantee the necessary bravery and density to ensure that a day’s partridge hunting at home with us will be an unforgettable challenge for any connoisseur demanding a quality shoot. This is why some of the most distinguished public figures from around the world have consistently chosen El Despeñadero to organize their partridge shoots and why they are no longer just clients, but friends of the family.