Tradition and Excellence

located to the south of Madrid in the region of La Mancha, Toledo. El Despeñadero with over 40 years of experience organising Partridge Shoots and thus thousend of hectares, was one of the pioneers in install the red legged partridge shooting in Spain.

“Our aim is always to surpass your expectations. At El Despeñadero we take your satisfaction very seriously and to achieve that we have a team over seventy people taking care of every single step of each shoot.

For us, every shoot is always the first shoot and our philosphy is simple: we love the well made things, the search of authenticity and passion for the small details. We listen what you want and we match your desires, we think this is much more tan shooting, is a full experience, and we work hard to ensure we create the perfect trip and unforgettable experience for you.”

We offer our clients the finest services, privacy and the exclusiveness they are just looking for an unforgettable trip.


With more than 40 years of history dedicated to the driven Spanish Red-Legged Partridge, El Despeñadero placed in the hearts and minds of all experienced hunters, both nationally and internationally.


We offer our clients the most exclusive accommodation with all kind of facilities. Our team of professionals have the perfect balance between expertise and closeness, guaranteeing the care of every detail from the first to the last moment.


At El Despeñadero we offer all kind of different drives where we have a wide selection of shooting. Our clients, come to ``El Despeñadero`` in search of having memorable shooting days with us, and thanks to a high sporting game, beautiful scenery, excellent lunches, a superb wine list, luxurious accommodation, good organization and a friendly family run atmosphere, they get exactly that.

El Despeñadero in pictures